Create a Peaceful Sanctuary in Your Home With Asian Home Decor

Let’s Face it. Your day is filled with stress. From family matters to work to traffic, your time is spent in a constant state of motion and there’s no time to stop. Even your home life is stressful, with all that cooking and cleaning on your to-do list. Wouldn’t it be nice if your home could be a place where you can escape all of the stressors in life? Well, it can be. All it takes is a bit of redecorating with Asian Home Décor.

Why Asian Home Décor?

For centuries, people throughout Asia have decorated their homes to live in harmony with the environment. The pieces they choose to have in their homes are earth inspired and include stones, water and wood. These elements have a calming effect on people and create an instant sensation of peace.

Asian-inspired design also emphasizes a clutter-free lifestyle. Clutter is considered a stressor because it fills the home and creates a feeling of claustrophobia in the people living there.

How to Design with Asian Home Décor

When attempting to decorate your home’s interior with Asian Home Décor, it is important to remember the importance of color, design and texture. Quiet, peaceful colors in natural tones should be used on the walls and floors. Furniture should have an emphasis on horizontal lines and should blend in to the other décor whenever possible. Textures are also important because they create a dynamic feeling in rooms otherwise devoid of strong colors.

Décor in the home should also emphasize a clutter-free image. Natural storage units along with streamlined tables and appliances should boast simple lines and remain hidden whenever possible.

Asian Home Décor Can Be Fun, Too

Asian Home Décor also promotes the use of artwork in the home. However, it is important to have functional artwork. Many Asian people choose to decorate their homes with statues to promote health, wealth and prosperity.

Buddha meditating statues are a perfect example of art with function. A Buddha is considered a being that has achieved peace and total Nirvana. Because of this, Buddhas are believed to bring happiness and luck. A Buddha meditating statue is usually sitting in the lotus position with both hands in his lap. This placement symbolizes meditation. thus evoking calm and tranquility.

Placing a Buddha meditating statue in your home is believed to ward off evil and bring the calm and peace that people look for when designing with Asian Home Décor. People also commonly place Buddha garden statues outside their home. Buddha garden statues are placed there for protection and are thought to ward off negative vibes. These Buddha garden statues are also routinely placed in the lotus position, the most common position for Buddha statues.

Create Your Own Peace

Asian Home Décor can help you create a sense of control in a world without control. Using ancient Asian Home Décor techniques will not only increase your own inner peace, it will help your loved ones as well. Couldn’t you and your family use a little less stress in your lives?

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