Cheap Domain Name Registration and Email Hosting Services in the UK

Cheap Domain Name Registration and Email Hosting Services in the UK

To succeed in the eCommerce business, you need to start your online shop with a great domain name. If you’re looking for a domain name registration and email hosting services in the UK, there are many reputable vendors in the market that you can purchase an affordable and reasonable domain. However, there are some key points that you need to keep in mind when deciding which service provider you will pick.

Besides, you don’t have to host your website with the same provider you purchase your domain name. Here are some valuable pointers that will guide you into buying a cheap domain name that will give you excellent results.

Buy From An Established Domain Registrar

A domain name is the backbone of a website and will determine the success or failure of your business. There are hundreds of places that you can buy a domain name from today. There’s no need of putting yourself through a risk by purchasing a domain name from unknown domain registrars.

Some reputable domain name registrars include;,, among others.

A Brandable Domain Name

A brandable domain name features an interesting combination of letters that allow your audience to associate the name of your online shop with the products you’re selling. Besides, if you use keywords in your preferred domain name that are related to the content, you’re likely to improve your search engine ranking.

Top Level Domain Extensions

A dot com extension is the best way to go if you're operating an online business because most people even the least tech-savvy always remember a dot com extension. However, with more people getting on the internet, it’s hard to find a memorable .com extension these days, but you can opt for other extensions like .net, .biz e.t.c Besides, if you have a local business that serves a specific geographical area such as a business in the UK, you can go with extension. Also, most people are familiar with a dot com version, so it's highly recommended you go for a .com extension to increase your chances of conversion. As long as your brand doesn’t include random characters and dashes, misspellings and fake looking strings of numbers, your search engine results should be fine.

Read the Fine Print

Some domain registrars offer private registration for free. Read the fine print to ensure that you don’t end up paying more as sometimes the cheapest option may cost more.

Check the cost of the hosting options and renewal costs. The last thing you want is losing a domain because you forgot to renew it. You’ll also need to ensure that your registrar will offer a free domain parking until you’re ready to use your domain and a free domain forwarding.

Customer Support

Finally, look at the support that a registrar offers as you may never know whenever a problem can crop up. It’s critical that your provider is on hand to ably assist you.

Balancing all these priorities can be tricky. With these tips, you’re now ready to purchase a great, cheap domain name to build your online shop and start driving traffic. Here are our three top domain registrars that you can consider today.


GoDaddy is the largest domain registrar managing more than 75 million sites globally and with over 17 million customers. This registrar offers excellent prices for their domains that are search engine friendly and helpful.  The .uk and extensions are cheap if you pay for two years upfront.

Another perk that GoDaddy offers is the option of adding an SSL certificate to a website. Incorporating a security measure into your website is an ideal way of boosting your SEO ranking. GoDaddy appeals to web beginners looking for a bundled hosting and registration deal.  Besides, the company offers an array of products covering every possible requirement with telephone support if needed.  

2. Google Domains

Picking for a domain registrar that you’ve never heard before can involve a lot of hassle as you try to separate genuine bargains from marketing tricks and hidden charges that will end up saving only a few pounds or dollars in a year.

Search engine giant Google has waded into the fray with its entry into the domain naming business. Although it’s still in its testing stage, Google Domains features an easy to use interface that allows you to look up if a domain name is in use or whether it has a potential for future availability.

Besides, it keeps upselling on the minimum making the purchase process straightforward and easy. The package is sold at an impressive $12 annually and features a free custom email address set up. Users can get a vast range of extensions through the site at no extra cost.

3. Namecheap

If you’re looking for a domain name registration for professional web presence, Namecheap offers that unique option that connects to your site servers. The company is a leading domain registrar that provides a wide variety of domains and allows searching for batches of up to 50 domains. If a domain name is available, you’ll get a quality name at a low price.

You can secure a domain name with Namecheap for as low as $8 a year for a .com extension. The billing process is straightforward, and you also get WhoisGuard domain privacy at no extra cost. Additionally, Namecheap offers hosting plans that are secure, reliable and high performing for a website that will get noticed and help you to succeed in the online business.

Final Thoughts

Every online business needs a snappy, memorable domain name. Besides picking a domain name that will allow you to take your business to the next level can be a serious challenge mainly because you have to choose a registrar from hundreds of companies who are competing for your business.

However, if you know what you want for your website before registering for a domain name, you’ll be able to pick one that will suit your business needs.